Prof. Feyi Adepoju on behalf of University Of Ilorin/Teaching Hospital, Kwara State, Nigeria.





To scale up primary health care and cataract services in Kwara State, Nigeria through training, education outreaches and equipment provision


Project details

Cataracts account for the single, most prevalent cause of preventable blindness in Nigeria, with the Cataract Surgical Rate (CSR), which is a measure of the quantity of cataract services, falling substantially lower than other countries. This is due to a severe lack of primary eye care services in Kwara State. Existing eye care centres often function poorly and are mainly located in urban regions where only approximately 30% of the population reside. Thus individuals are required to travel long distances to access care even for simple eye problems

This XOVA funded initiative aims to train health care workers in 12 selected primary care centers in Kwara State to carry out a total of 36 outreaches in the next 12 months, with patients referred to the base hospital as necessary. Funding will also be used to equip primary care centres with the materials, equipment and medication necessary to provide primary eye care services. It is estimated that comprehensive eye care will be provided to 7200 individuals, with 2500 spectacles dispensed and 1200 cataract surgeries performed in the following 12 months.



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