Prof. Redda Teklehaimanont on behalf of Grarbet Tehadisso Mahber (GTM), Ethiopia





To provide eye care services in schools to remove the barrier to educational attainment, ensuring that children reach their full potential at school


Project details

Uncorrected refractive error and visual impairment among children can lead to poor school performance and educational attainment. This project focuses on providing eye care services in schools in rural Southern Ethiopia, to remove barriers to educational attainment and ensure that children reach their full potential at school and later, in the workplace.

The project aims to provide screening, eye examinations and ocular health screening to a total of 15,000 school children with corrective glasses provided in cases of uncorrected refractive error. The initiative furthermore intends to provide treatment and surgeries for complications of childhood trachoma at mobile outreach clinics.

In order to extend the impact of the project, teachers will be trained to provide health education on hygiene and sanitation for 50,000 beneficiaries.


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