João M Furtado on behalf of Ribeirão Preto Medical School, University of São Paulo, Brazil




To alleviate visual impairment among Brazilians living in vulnerable conditions through optometric training and eye care delivery


The project

There are multiple barriers to eye care in Brazil, even in more developed areas of the country. In Ribeirão Preto, Southeast Brazil, poverty exacerbates an already limited access to eye care. This project aims to alleviate visual impairment and uncorrected refractive errors in Brazilians living in vulnerable conditions by providing access to eye care services. The project will train students and professionals for fieldwork procedures, as well as alleviating avoidable blindness through spectacle provision, surgery referral and patient follow up.

Fieldwork procedures will include the provision of ocular examinations in mobile tents built next to rural settlements. The local population will be invited to attend, and for individuals willing to participate but unable to walk, transportation will be provided or a mobile unit will be displaced for in-home examination.

This strategy, to detect and eliminate visual impairment and blindness in these populations, not only align with the Brazilian constitution, but with the World Health Organization´s Universal Health Coverage. 






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