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To improve access to eye care and treat preventable blindness among the most vulnerable population of Nepal


Project details

It is estimated that seven children go blind every day in Nepal, with children representing one third of all blind people in the country. More than 80% of cases derive from curable or preventable causes, such as cataract.

This project aims to improve eye care access and treat preventable causes of blindness among the most vulnerable in Nepal, with particular attention to marginalized and poor people with visual impairments. The project forms part of ‘The extraordinary eye care program (EREC-P)’ which is one of the largest eye programs in the world. The equipment purchased through XOVA funding will enable instrumental and technological enhancement of eye examinations, surgeries and treatment, in order to provide efficient quality eyecare.

In 2022, the EREC-P will directly benefit over 500,000 patients and carry out over 120,000 eye care surgeries, thus improving the quality of life of people in Nepal with the delivery of accessible, comprehensive and affordable eye care.

Project Update: During this project, a total of 248,593 patients were screened for visual impairment and 56,123 surgeries were performed at Sagarmatha Choudhary Eye Hospital (SCEH) and Biratnagar Eye Hospital (BEH). Thanks to the XOVA contribution, a new slit lamp was purchased and installed at BEH, permitting the examination of 60 – 70 patients daily for a variety of eye conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma. A new non-contact tonometer has also been installed at BEH to measure the intraocular pressure of up o 450 patients’ eyes daily. A Nidek hand-held keratometer and a Zeiss microscope have also been procured and installed at the two hospitals. As a result, the hospitals have been able to enhance diagnosis, treatment and surgery services and improve their quality standards.



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