Dr Olivia Killeen on behalf of the Innovation Eye Centre, Kenya





To improve eyecare access for patients in rural communities by establishing a network of vision centers throughout Southwestern Kenya.


Project details

In Southwestern Kenya, there is an increasing demand for eyecare. Currently, the Kisii Eye Hospital provides high quality, affordable care to people residing in Kisii, a city in Southwestern Kenya. However, there are extremely limited eyecare facilities serving the large population in rural regions surrounding Kisii, thus creating a need to expand eyecare access to remote patients.

This project aims to address this unmet need by establishing a network of self-sustaining vision centers throughout the region. These centers will be integrated into the operations of the base hospital, with the first center located in Keroka, Kenya. Each vision center is expected to serve at least 50,000 patients and will offer on-site treatment. This inaugural center in Keroka will offer services such as diagnosis and treatment of minor eye conditions, dispensing of spectacles, and referral of complex and surgical patients to the base hospital. Established frameworks will then be used to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the Keroka vision center, in order to aid development of future vision centers throughout the region. Alongside the development of these centers, this initiative aims to educate local communities on the importance of eyecare and promote the vision centers as a valued community resource.


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