• 2017 Award Recipients
2017 Recipients
Edison Mutsinzi on behalf of CBM Italia Onlus, Italy


Improving eye care services and surgical outcomes at Kabgayi Eye Unit in Rwanda.

The project

In Rwanda more than 400,000 people have physical and visual impairment (5.02%) and cataract is the major cause of avoidable blindness (56.5%). There are only 17 ophthalmologists in the country for a population over 12 million andShow More

Project Title

Sustainable primary eye care services in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

Prema Chande on behalf of Optometric Education Society, India

2017 XOVA Grant Recipient

Project Details

In 2017, the Optometric Education Society, India, with the support of XOVA, set out on a journey to develop sustainable primary eye care services in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand,Show More

Marty Spencer on behalf of Seva Canada, Canada


Expanding the Community Eye Centres program in Africa: adding a new funding model to bring it to scale.

The project

Tanzania has almost no funds to support eye care services and as a result, people with relatively minor eye conditions such as refractive error or cataract are effectively blind.

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