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Establishing the first wet lab training program for high quality cataract surgery for residents and teachers in the University of Malawi and Makarere University of Uganda


The project

Cataract is a major cause of blindness in Africa. Surgery for this condition is straightforward and cost effective; however, critical shortages of eye health workers together with poor surgical outcomes deter patients and result in unnecessary blindness.

Wet lab training using artifical eyes can simulate the stages of cataract surgery, allowing new surgeons to repeatedly practice basic techniques and improve the quality of their surgery prior to operating on live patients. However, wet labs are not currently available in most countries in Africa.

As part of a wider eye health programme, this project aims to introduce wet lab training in Manual Small Incision Cataract surgery to the University of Malawi Residency Training Programme and Makarere University of Uganda. This will improve surgeons' confidence and quality of surgery, encouraging more patients to consider treatment



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