Clare Inkster on behalf of the VISION 2020 LINK Programme at the International Centre for Eye Health (ICEH), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK




Providing high quality, affordable treatment for diabetic retinopathy in Nigeria


The project

The Guiness Eye Centre at Lagos University Teaching Hospital in Nigeria provides eye care to a population of 18 million people. Patients currently have to pay for treatment and many who attend consultations are turned away because they cannot afford it. There are also major infrastructure problems: inadequate plumbing means that infection control is very challenging; lack of equipment means that patients cannot be treated; and loss of power has frequent detrimental consequences in terms of safety and efficiency.

The aim of this project is to ensure equity and quality standards for eye care services, provide high level training in the clinical and management fields and to enable affordable treatment for diabetic retinopathy in Nigeria.

The aim of this project is to redevelop the entire infrastructure of the Guiness Eye Centre, purchase a laser machine to enable the treatment of diabetic retinopathy, and train a technician to maintain it. The redevelopment will also include building a pediatric wing with new plumbing and solar panels to ensure a constant electricity supply. Sustainability will be achieved by empowering the multi-disciplinary team through leadership development, and ensuring clinical and leadership training continues at the center. A sponsorship model will also be implemented to assist with future fundraising, and reduce the reliance of the center on federal health services funding. It is hoped that this project will establish a sustainable eye care service in Lagos, and provide high-quality treatment for those who would otherwise not be able to afford it.


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