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Teaching local general practice doctors how to diagnose and manage common ocular diseases secondary to AIDS, such as cytomegalovirus retinitis and endophthalmitis


The project

The occurrence of AIDS secondary to HIV is at a peak in Henan villages. Ocular care is absent in these poor regions and complications secondary to AIDS, especially ocular diseases such as cytomegalovirus retinitis and endophthalmitis, are generally neglected.

This project aims to train over 100 doctors from around 100 villages in Henan Province, China.

Training will take place at renowned teaching hospitals that are also centres for AIDS treatment. Over three weeks, trainees will learn how to diagnose and manage common ocular diseases secondary to AIDS, and knowledge will be assessed through multiple choice questions. Following the training session, links will be made between local doctors and hospitals to ensure support is available, and patient referral and treatment are prompt. Selected villages will be offered a direct ophthalmoscope and slit-lamp biomicroscope, free of change, to assist in accurate diagnoses.

It is hoped that through implementation of accurate and prompt medical advice and treatment, this project will benefit the Henan communities for many years.



Training courses have been prepared, covering:

  • Current status of AIDS in mainland China
  • Treatment of ocular diseases in AIDS patients in Hong Kong
  • Multiple intravitreal injection of anti-viral drugs for CMV retinitis
  • How to examine the eyes of AIDS patients
  • Ocular surgeries for AIDS patients.

Thirty general village doctors, who work in AIDS villages, attended training courses in September 2013, and a news article about the project was published in International Ophthalmology Times. This prompted great interest from other Chinese provinces.

Last update September 2013


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