Luís Gonçalves on behalf of Oftalmocenter, Guimarães, Portugal




Establishing an ophthalmic centre for education and eye care in Guinea-Bissau


The project

Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world, and lacks the infrastructure and resources to support ophthalmic care. A humanitarian mission in 2010 identified the principal needs of eye care in the region and made preparations for founding an ophthalmic center for education, with the support of Cumura hospital.

This project aims to supply the ophthalmic center with materials and technology for eye health monitoring and surgical procedures. In addition to treating the local people, the project also aims to promote eye care education, by initiating training programs to local health technicians, and offering educational materials to health professionals to inform the public on how to prevent vision loss and treat eye diseases.



Since the project was awarded XOVA funding, the following objectives have been successfully achieved:

  • Around 2000 patients have been examined and 200 surgeries have been performed
  • A consultation office was set up and equipped
  • An operating room is equipped so that it can be used regularly
  • Basic training, including a wet lab, was completed in Portugal
  • Protocols were created, as well as a small library
  • Prevention campaigns in ophthalmology were developed
  • The project is now entering a new phase of self-sustainability

Last update September 2013.


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